Woodlands Development

Our development at the site of a former nursing home consists of three four bedroom detached houses and one three bedroom bungalow.


Sandleheath, Hampshire.


Completed 2015


When we purchased this site, a 14,000 square-foot nursing home sat in its grounds so we knew we had the space to do something quite special. The site itself is located inside the New Forest boundary, which presented the biggest challenge for us; we wanted to ensure the houses sat comfortably in their country surroundings while still being modern in both their design and appearance.

By ensuring we did not overdevelop the land, and that the homes we built were as efficient and eco as possible, we feel we achieved our aim. Building efficient homes has always been a priority of JJ Acquisitions and at Woodlands we decided to aim for ‘Code 4’ of the sustainable homes guide as we felt the rural area justified not only attention to the aesthetics of the design, but also to the eco elements of the build.


Building to Code 4 of the sustainable code while trying to maintain the design integrity of the project was our biggest challenge.

Through the use of high levels of insulation, triple glazing, air source heat pumps, PV solar panels, the orientation of the houses to maximise natural light, and a huge number of other design features we managed to build some extremely efficient homes while not compromising on the look or features of the houses.

By designing these features into the build at an early stage we feel that their use added to, rather than compromised the finished appearance of the houses at Woodlands.

“We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ben & Christian on the construction of the new-build development next door to ourselves. From the demolition of the old building, the design and consultation on the pre-planning stage and throughout the building of the new houses you kept us informed, took on board our suggestions and concerns, and addressed these so avoiding what could have developed into a nightmare for us, instead became an interesting and acceptable experience for us both. We would like to compliment the Directors and workforce of JJ Acquisitions Ltd on this tastefully designed and truly improved site.”

Roy & Lin Sparks
Development Neighbours