The Butt of Ale Development

Our development at the site of a former public house, The Butt of Ale, consists of four large detached houses.


Salisbury, Wiltshire.


Completed, 2014


The Butt of Ale had been through multiple applications for redevelopment by previous owners, all of which had been refused, so we knew that we would have to design something of architectural merit to stand a chance of gaining approval.

We worked through the floor plans to come up with what we felt were three perfectly proportioned four bedroom houses and one large three bed house. From there we then took elements of the existing properties in the area and by using them as features for the houses we managed to ensure that the development sat comfortably in its environment.

By working closely with the council our architect managed to design out the issues that had concerned them about the site before and we achieved permission in 2012.


The houses are all situated at the top of Sunnyhill Road which has a high elevation and affords them all a beautiful view of the magnificent Salisbury cathedral. This view was incredibly important to us as a design feature and although we were constrained by ridge height the use of a chalet bungalow style design allowed us to maximise every available sq. foot of each house. The result being a perfectly proportioned home with fantastic views!

The houses were all build using insulated timber frames from Potton homes and combined with thermally efficient double glazing have resulted in extremely warm and efficient houses. The heating is provided by a highly efficient combi boiler and underfloor heating and the lighting is 100% low energy LED.

Chalk Pitt House