Sunnyhill Road

A development of two semi detached chalet bungalows.


Salisbury, Wiltshire.


Completed, 2010.


JJ Acquisitions bought this site with the benefit of full planning permission and set about construction immediately. The land had previously been an additional car park for the pub next door so our main concern in the design was noise from the pub’s patrons, especially in the summer when the garden would be in use.

We decided to excavate a large amount of ground to lower the properties and then with the use of a specialist fencing system that is insulated against noise we were able to minimize any future disruption to the new owners.

The properties are situated on a road made up predominantly of bungalows so our ridge height was constrained, hence the use of a chalet style build to allow us to maximise the living space we had available.

We also decided to purse a lifetime homes approach with a bedroom and bathroom build downstairs to allow people the flexibility in accommodation in years to come as well as all doors being wheel chair accessible on the first floor.

Park Street
Sarson Close